Friday, August 26, 2022

Rest Interrupted

This post brought to you by insomnia. Yes, insomnia! With insomnia, you can feel bad all day! Try it whether you want to or not!

If you've ever gone camping, you know how different it is to sleep on the ground versus sleeping in your bed. The point of these rules is to create more interesting equipment choices. By mechanizing things like bedrolls, tents, and blankets, you are more inclined to not fill up every single equipment slot with lard.


When you rest in your own bed or in a safe haven, you recover all of your HP. When you are sleeping hard in the dungeon or wilderland, use these rules.

Each night you sleep while campaigning, roll a die to see how much HP you recover. The size of the die you roll is determined by how safe and comfortable you are. 

The dice chain is: d0 -> d2 -> d4 -> d6 -> d8 -> 1d10 -> 1d12 -> 3d4

Start at d2.


For every item on this list you can answer "Yes" to, increase your die type by one step:

- Bedroll

- Roof overhead (tent or otherwise)

- Fire

- Shared booze 

- Hot meal

- Had sex


For every item on this list you can answer "Yes" to, decrease your die type by one step.

- Precipitation

- Cold

- Hungry

- Sick

- Bugs (can be negated with bug netting)

- Evil environment (dungeons, Swamps of Ill Omen, etc.)

- Combat encounter at night (decreases die by two steps)

Nocturnal Manifestations

Put an event called "Nocturnal Manifestation" on your Meatgrinder table/Overloaded Encounter Die. If you roll this entry during the night's watch, roll again on the following table and randomly determine the target. 

  1. Pet Pest: One of your animal companions or familiars crawls onto you at night. They are trying to get warm, but keep stepping on your face and kneading their claws into your breasts. You are desperate to not disturb them and hold yourself perfectly still, despite being terribly uncomfortable. Roll your recovery die twice and take the lower result.
  2. Snoring Bedmate: The person sleeping nearest you is sawing logs all night. Decrease your recovery die by one step. OR choose to wake them up. They decrease their recovery die by one step instead.
  3. The Old Campaigner's Complaint: You have dysentery. You spend your night squatting, guts roiling. Reduce your recovery die by two steps.
  4. Sleep Paralysis Imp: A terrible demon manifests and sits on your chest, smothering you. It's absolutely terrifying. You recover 0 HP.