Sunday, October 11, 2020

Bull in a Teahouse

I made up this little d66 table for a tiny project I'm making about kung fu.

If battle breaks out and you need to know quickly what sort of epic location you’re in, roll twice on this d66 table and combine the two entries.


  1. A colossal buddha-like statue of Prim Ysma, opener of doorways, meditating

  2. Thundering waterfall

  3. Garden pond covered by a blanket of lotuses 

  4. Many storied teahouse and brothel

  5. Guild-run opium house, choked with foul smokes

  6. Ruined temple, overrun with goki monkeys 


  1. Small shrine set near the skull Sivran, god of iron, tended by single saffron-robed monk

  2. Graveyard of swords, some sized for men and some sized for titans

  3. The Bank Unerring, where coins beyond count are stacked in lofty vaults

  4. The Shrine of the Chalice, where a blessed grail issues forth a fountain of blood into a sanguine pool

  5. The Eidelwood, a forest of white trees who were once men - they bleed and groan if cut

  6. A dumpling cart pulled by one of the Gentle Race


  1. The neon-bright Casino of Hanuman, the monkey-faced demigod of luck

  2. Underground gambling den

  3. The 11th Cesspool of the Lower Sewer of Hell

  4. The bone-white colossal throne of a forgotten and unnamed archangel

  5. Red-lacquered torii guarding a hot spring

  6. A crumbling staircase of 777,777 stairs, leading up into nothingness


  1. The Dreaming Pearl, the finest house of pleasure in the Red City

  2. Bamboo grove 

  3. Panopticon to the First King, lit by a thousand thousand butter candles

  4. Laundry-laden clothes lines between two tenements

  5. Public fountain tended by an un-dragon doing penitence; will stand in this manner for six-thousand more years

  6. The smoking chimneys of the furnaces of Koss the forge god


  1. Palatial river barge of Mun-et-Mun, the God-Eater

  2. Graveyard of angels, whose broken bodies of stone still seem in the midst of struggle

  3. Noodle District, home to a thousand ramen stands and carts

  4. The Hall of Mummified Bodhisattvas, who still sit among the incense smoke 

  5. The glass Triumphal Arch of the Universal Wars

  6. Tumbled-down lighthouse


  1. Terraced fields of rice patties 

  2. Two koi ponds shaped like yin and yang

  3. Bathhouse of the Red Devils

  4. Parade of the Paper Lanterns, signifying a minor god’s birthday

  5. Training yard littered with partially animate wooden training dummies

  6. Peach tree garden

I get I-1 and I-2. The combat stage is set in the middle of a thundering waterfall, under which the colossal statue of Prim Ysma sits meditating among the spray. Combatants climb her divine body of stone, leap across the pool fed by the waterfall, or stand on the pillar-like stones at the base of the falls as they battle.

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