Friday, January 8, 2021

Omphalos - Tarot-based City Generator


Do you like "town" sessions? Limping home from a dungeon, counting your filthy lucre, finding an inn, feasting and drinking? Do you like to plan your downtime actions—things you’re doing while staying in the city? Do you like to zoom in on your character's slice of life?

If you answered "yes," this supplement might be for you. 

Omphalos is a Tarot-based city generator. This supplement helps you create an evocative sword-and-sorcery cityscape for tabletop role-playing games using Tarot cards.  Randomly create new settlements to populate your campaign setting or build a massive city-state for your players to explore. 

  • Each district has a name and a brief description of their most interesting parts. 
  • Each entry includes some sights and sounds visitors might encounter. 
  • Most entries have an example rumor that the GM can use when the players visit that district. 
  • Lastly, each entry has special actions that may be used by adventurers who dwell there. 
The supplement is system neutral-ish. It's designed to work for my forthcoming game, His Majesty the Worm, but if you squint and do a little jury rigging, it should work for whatever OSR/DIY/D&D hack you're using. 

All proceeds will go to pay cool artists good money for future projects.