Monday, August 9, 2021

Cross-Section Castle Character Creation

(or CCCC for short)

Do you remember Stephen Biesty's Cross-sections books? I had them as a kid. I think there's something very compelling about pictures you can get lost in - ones that demand your attention. RPGs should have more of them. 

Anyway, I made a d66 table of level 0 characters for you to use for games like DCC, LotFP, GLoG, or whatever using one of the pictures from the Cross-Section Castle book. 

Click for larger picture


  1. This is incredible! These were captivating as a child, and you've hooked on to that feeling with the level zero table. Well done!

  2. Fantastic!

    I loved these books as a kid. I only owned the Man-of-War one but I'd frequently check out the others from the library. I would spend dozens of hours pouring over them and finding all the hidden things. Good times!

  3. I loved those books. Pretty sure there was someone on the toilet on every page like some kind of weird Easter egg.

  4. All dungeons should have a toilet as an Easter egg as well.