Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Middle-earth Calendar

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I love the Brothers Hildebrandt

"You cannot have a meaningful campaign if strict time records are not kept." - Gary Gygax, Dungeon Master's Guide This little bit of wisdom is often bandied around OSR circles. Usually people are misquoting it, thinking that Gygax was talking about torches or something. Not so. He seems to be discussing the problems of dealing with many players, many characters, and big spaces. If Bali the dwarf was in the troll pit on March 3rd, how could he follow Indrazor to his expedition of the Barrier Peaks on March 1-6th? To this end, I've made a calendar which I'll be using to track the time for my West Marches campaign. I've rendered it in the Bree Reckoning, which is more or less the Shire Reckoning but with more archaic names. (Note the full and new moon cycles!) I'm sure a serious Tolkien scholar or Kim Peak will be able to find mistakes, but this is close enough for government work. You can find my template here.

I based the design of this off of the Dolmenwood Calendar. Big thanks to the Design Ninja and his tutorial for reminding me a lot about InDesign that I had forgotten.

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