Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Under Hill, By Water - Form Fillable Character Sheet and Village Map

Everybody has been very kind about Under Hill, By Water. Thanks so much! 

I made form-fillable sheets for the character sheet and the village map. Download them or save them to your own Google Drive to access their form-fillable-ness. 

Also, during the process of creating the game, I talked to my friends and playtesters about what the skills should be named. Chris at Wayspell pitched a particular suite of skills. I ended up not going in that direction, but I did make an alternate character sheet just for him. 

Wayspell Version of the Under Hill, By Water Character Sheet

Honestly, creating these character sheets was a stretch for me. Would love feedback. But in the meantime, hope these are helpful! 

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  1. Looks pretty clean and easy to understand. My kind of character sheet. I like your village map.