Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Wizards Wagons Taverns & Flagons: An Actual Play Podcast

One of my friends had never played RPGs. We finally convinced him to play, but he had a (bizarre but true) caveat: he wanted to leverage his hobby of sound design and playing music while we did it. So we made a podcast. 

By my estimation, we're the very first D&D podcast ever and the first one to have a "WTF" acronym in our podcast title. 

What else do we have going for us?

  • Hotsprings Island Actual Play: Hotsprings Island is an amazing adventure by Jacob Hurst et al that hands the players an in-character gazetteer. We're having a lot of fun with it. Check out our actual play before you run it yourself. 
  • A Range of Experience: The podcast features players who have been playing 20+ years and players who literally are sitting down for their first session. 
  • An Actual Bard: Our bard takes his job very, very seriously. There's all sorts of musical numbers. 
Plus you can hear how I put a lot of the RPG theory I talk about on this blog into practice. It's messy, but we're having genuine fun. 

I hope you'll check it out! If you do, leave me your adoring praise. 

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