Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Eating Monsters for Fun and Profit - A Review of Taylor Lane's Monster-Eater Class

One of the people I've been lucky enough to meet on Twitter is Taylor Lane. They've been putting out a series of OSR compatible classes that are both interesting and usable (a narrow needle to thread). 

We were talking recently about my love of cooking mechanics in RPGs, and they pointed out that their Monster-Eater class was similar to something I was thinkering on. They were kind enough to show me the class, so I wanted to talk about it here. 

The Basics

The Monster-Eater is a class that does what it says on the tin. 

When the Monster-Eater manages to choke down a monster's corpse, they have a chance to grow a new organ based on the monster. Eat a giant spider? You can grow spider eyes, spider legs, or maybe a spinneret. 

Each Monster-Eater can only have as many active monstrous organs as their level. 

This is a double-edged sword. You also gain a monster's Hungers, which creates trouble for you--especially as they stack up.

My Impressions

Here's the reason I love this shit. Double-edged swords are interesting. Way more interesting than your single edged sword. One edge? Come on. Get with the times. 

A +1 sword is boring. The sword bloodkraeling that bites its foes deep and can't be sheathed until it's drawn blood? That's the sword you remember. 

If someone gives me "spider climb," that's fine. It opens up new game avenues! A good spell!

If I can spider climb because I have the terrible hairy carapace of the spider grafted onto me? AND I want to eat BUGS and shit? BOOM! I'm having fucking fun. 

Final Score

The Monster-Eater is a class that I would happily include in any OSR game I'm running. I'd probably smash it into a GLoG format (as is my want), but all the powers are excellent and the flavor is just my level of spice. Solid A class. 


Secret bonus content: Taylor and I collaborated on the kleptomancer class from their Thief release. So you know that's good. BUT ALSO all the other Thief classes are well thought out and intentionally designed. I have a soft spot for the Noble, especially. 

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